Thursday, August 25, 2011

Honored to be Mentioned

At the beginning of the year I decided to play along with Paint the Moon's 52 week challenge. Sadly, I didn't last long. But the fabulous Annie Manning did choose a couple of my pieces for the "photos of the week". Here are my debuts.

Week Five - Delicate: I had these flowers sitting out on my front porch all winter long. I was quite surprised to see that a couple little yellow flowers still exsisted.
delicate 5/52

Week Seven - Handmade: Again the theme came quite easy to me. I grew up in a home where the only gifts that were, and still are, given by my mother were homemade. She knows her way around a sewing machine and was nice enough to let me mess around on it through high school. I am lucky to have her creative, yet frugal side, as you will never catch me purchasing something I can make myself. What's handmade in this photo? The banner and the booties.

Week Fourteen - Chaos: Anyone who spends more than ten minutes with me and my three boys knows that my life is nothing but pure chaos.
14/52 Chaos

You can view the blog post here.

Along with being picked for a couple photos of the week, I was also recognized by The Pioneer Woman for a photo I submitted for the "Brothers Photo Assignment".  Although, I didn't even make it close to being a finalist, it is nice to have your photo picked out of such a large amount AND to have the wonderful Ree Drummond think your boys are beautiful. Of course, I already knew that though!

My chaos
This photo was taken at the end of March and it was COLD!!! The lake in the background is beautiful Lake Geneva, where we are from.

You can catch Ree's blog post here.

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